San Antonio Resort Village offers you a number of high-quality amenities that will make every resident’s life interesting, fun and memorable. Apart from the village amenities, Roxas City lifestyle, in and out of San Antonio, offers many activities to enjoy. Many tourists and retirees fall in love with Baybay, Roxas City where we can find San Antonio Resort and the village. Its affordable and abundant seafood variety, readily available at all times in the various restaurants along the shoreline makes it secure in terms of food. Its clean long stretch of uncrowded beach, and its casual laidback lifestyle makes it ideal for leisure and relaxation.

Communal Beach Resort
Gated Community
Communal Infinity Pool
Bowling Alley
Tennis Court
Volleyball Court
Victorian Garden w/ Cultured Butterflies
Village Park, Playground and Bird Sanctuaries
Electrical and Water Connection
Communication (Cable, Internet and Telephone ready)
Concrete Roads and Ample Greenery

The sidewalks along the twelve-meter main entrance road and all the side roads are wide enough for people to stroll on. All roads are concrete, so going around the subdivision will not be difficult. Water and electrical facilities ensure that the residents of San Antonio Resort Village will have steady supplies of water and electrical power, and the underground concrete drainage pipes will channel the rain water so that the subdivision does not flood. The parks and playground area within the subdivision provide a recreational space during weekends or after work. All in all, San Antonio Resort-Village is fully equipped to provide for the needs and concerns of its future residents.

The bay area around San Antonio has been developed to invite families and retirees. The beachfront development resulted to a more laid-back beach and bird sanctuary, with several good beach sites and plenty of charming shops and cafes in the surrounding district. It’s perfect for couples and families who like a more relaxed atmosphere. The bay has been changing over the years and is now very popular with the single party-goers. There are a great variety of theme bars, restaurants and clubs. The hotels in the area also have live shows which they open to the public. Most are free to enter. If you like a bit of clubbing, make a visit to San Antonio Beach Resort, it has various nightshows throughout the week and the music ranges from 70’s music to present-day music. The wide variety of nightlife that is to be enjoyed here ranges from family bars to restaurants to lively nightclubs. The choice is yours.

If you want to lie on the beach but feel like a change of scenery, take a boat to Mantalinga & Olotayan Islands – it has one of the prettiest sandy beaches in Panay Island. Stroll along miles of beautiful beaches and you may see a local fisherman casting a hand-line wrapped around a Coke bottle, a diver looking for oysters, or a flock of sea birds lazily gliding above the waves. Where else would you find pristine sand, local culture, and picture-perfect sunsets?

San Antonio Beach Resort is the perfect destination to reward top performers and motivate employees! From the world-class resort and spa, to historic icons, cultural diversity, and culinary excitement, San Antonio offers a unique, authentic experience. San Antonio Beach Resort is ideal for get-together’s or just to unwind, but it also appeals to groups and schools thanks to its convenient location within the village and across the beach, and to the friendly staff that cater to the guests. The spacious indoors and the rustic tropical decor are sure to enhance your beach get-away.

Enjoy spectacular sunsets from your own terrace, then watch the city lights of People’s Park begin to flicker across the waters of Baybay. Wander out for dinner at one of Baybay’s many great restaurants, including the incomparable San Antonio Bar and Grill just a block away. Or take in the sights and sounds surrounding Peoples’ Park, where you can enjoy a wonderful bowl of sweet fresh fish soup, freshly grilled squids or buttered scallops.