San Antonio Resort Village is a 40-hectare community real-estate development of subdivision lots and homes. It is the only beachfront real estate development in Roxas City. It has its own brokerage group focused on superior customer experiences and win-win transactions.

About the Developer

SARV is developed by Ancor Development Corporation.

It is a company started by spouses ANtonio and CORa Ortiz who both started as sari-sari store owners, to fish pond operators, to gasoline station dealers, and then as subdivision developers.

It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Oct. 21, 2981 with Sec No. 101486.

It became operational in 1998 as a family corporation in which the second-generation children compose the Board of Trustees and members of the company. (John Conrad, Jessica Veronique, Rose Mary Thursday, Mark Anthony, Guia Felicia, and Carmel Marie)


It has its own marketing dept. for its projects and all projects have HLURB Licenses to Sell. It has HLURB Registration No. 09713. It has a Real Estate License # 07913 issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission and the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board 18798 under Rose Mary Honrado, our Marketing Manager.

AnCorDevcor is the developer of San Antonio Resort-Village I, and II which were completed as a subdivisions in 2008. Since then, it has simultaneously developed Puente Acuna and Villa Grande which were finished in 2010. Currently it is developing Puente Acuna North and San Antonio Resort-Village IV.

Ancor Development Corporation is also the developer of San Antonio Resort which is the number one hotel and wedding venue in Roxas City. It has continuously expanded the resort since year 2004 with a goal of making it into a convention destination in the region.

The sister companies of Ancor Development Corporation are: San Antonio Resort-Village, Inc. (resort business), Ancor Credit and Loan Corporation (lending business), Gold N’Ancor (Goldilocks franchise), Abocgo Land, Inc. (landbanking and leasing business), Chow Baybay Corporation (Chowking franchise), Jolly Baybay Corp. (Jollibee franchise), and Villa Bago Grande, Inc. (construction business), and Ancor Builders and Aggregates, Inc. (heavy equipment and aggregates business)